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Why Urgent Care

No unnecessary tests or unpredictable bills. Just the personalized care you need when and where you need it.

Our highly-skilled healthcare providers will be at your home or office in under 1 hour to diagnose and treat you. If we can't treat you, we will refund you and refer you to a clinic near you.

Services & Pricing


Get treated in the comfort of your home or office.

Urgent Care




Know your health status and get treated early.

STD Testing

Diabetes Test

Annual Physicals


Protect your body with antioxidants and vitamins.

IV Hydration Therapy

Vitamin Injections

Why WhiteCoat House Calls

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Highly-Skilled Providers

Our providers are board-certified and hand-selected for excellent clinical aptitude and bedside manner.

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Affordable and Predictable Pricing

$99 house call (with insurance benefits). No surge pricing. No hidden fees.

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Security and Privacy

Stay home. Don't risk further injury by driving or waiting in a crowded room with sick people.

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Open when Walk-in Clinics are Closed

We are open 8AM to midnight, including weekends and holidays, while most clinics are closed by 6PM.

Booking an Appointment is Fast and Easy

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Enter Patient Info

Select a time. Describe symptoms. Add your insurance if necessary.

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Verify the Price & Pay

We accept credit or debit cards. 100% confidential. Safe and secure servers.

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Wait for WhiteCoat's call

Your provider will confirm the estimated time of arrival within 10 minutes.

BOOK NOW $99 house call (with insurance benefits)

Question? Need help? (888) 223-1207

Reviews and articles

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Great people and an excellent service. They are the way to go. No need for appointments, no waiting rooms... Made me feel like I had my own personal doctor. More Google Reviews

Los Angeles, CA
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About 5 minutes after I put in the request, Dr Cureton called me to discuss our symptoms and confirm an ETA. 30 minutes later, she was at our home giving both of us IV drips and two prescriptions for antibiotics. More Yelp Reviews

ANDREA CARLTON, IV Therapy patient
Los Angeles, CA