According to the California Department of Public Health, California ranked first among all states in 2014 for the total number of cases for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and congenital syphilis. Chlamydia remains the most common disease, with the highest reported rates among young women. Gonorrhea and early syphilis rates continues to increase across all regions of the state. In fact, one in four persons will have a sexually transmitted infection during their lifetime.

So if you’re wondering if you have been exposed to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or if you’ve had sex without a physical barrier (i.e., condom, dental dam), we recommend that you request a house call through WhiteCoat and add the ‘STD Testing’ add-on service to your cart to protect yourself and your sexual partner’s health. It will help bring peace of mind and/or help you (and your partner) get treatment.

Getting tested through WhiteCoat is fast, easy and confidential.
  • sores on genitals
  • discharge from the penis or vagina
  • itching
  • burning during urination
  • pain during intercourse

  • However, many infections do not cause any symptoms. Some people may have an STD and never know it. You can also spread infections without ever experiencing symptoms.
    You and your health provider will decide what STD tests make the most sense for you, given your symptoms or sexual practices. It is important for you to be honest with your provider so they can make the best recommendations for you.
    The process for each infection varies but could include:

  • blood sample — Your provider may take a blood sample, either with a needle or by pricking the skin to draw a few drops of blood.
  • urine sample — You may be asked to urinate into a special cup.
  • saliva sample — Your provider may swab your gums.

  • Sometimes a diagnosis can be made based on your symptoms and/or a physical exam. Treatment could be prescribed right away. If a lab test is required, WhiteCoat can send you the results via email within a few days.
    Yes, we are happy to accommodate your request so that you feel comfortable during the visit.
    No, you do not need your parents’ permission for an STD test.

    WhiteCoat also takes confidentiality seriously. Thus, we will protect your privacy within the confines of the law.

    Click here to learn more about minors’ right to privacy.

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